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when people you dont know you hate you..you know your the best.! [entries|friends|calendar]
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[31 May 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | sad ]

blah lifes a bitch...

no more livejournal its to addictive..blah lol

just call me to find out what im up to everyday



<33 sima

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ah yes [27 May 2005|10:49am]
[ mood | i dont know what that means.. ]

summer is here..

yep what a couple of fast days.. school got out so me alaina kayla and elizaa went to alainas house and layed out and swam and yeah...

and then my mom called and said im going to orlando to our hotell<yess!. and that i can go anywhere the next day. so i invited alaina and we went there...familys a bore

and the REVIN called and told me he liked me and if i would go out with him. and before he said will you go out with me i was like dont do it dont do it..becuaze i knew hed get hurt i guess.. and then i told him i liked someone else and i was mean and said"can i go now." and hung up.:(

then we got our room slept and woke  up the next moring and then  off to mall of millenia! yes.... holllister-urban outfiters! went home and slept

now im here wiht my family again.. yay

its not that bad but..it can get worse

i got my chanel earrings!


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hmm.! [20 May 2005|07:25pm]
[ mood | confused ]

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just got back from the mall with courney!.. tomorrow im going to alainas and get ready and tell blair thats hes a lucky basterd for graduating.and then off to the tea party. then SAMS partyy!! sam youll love you gift!.

then sunday. church and track party! ah i cant wait. the taste of excitment. lol

i got a whole new outfit for both days so im stoked!..

3 more days bitches

bev left today to go back to michigan..ah illl miss her!

lifes a bore and so not going my way ..

how do you tell a friend that you not 5 and to stop dissing you everytime i say something.. maybe im just over reating becuase this will be all over in 3 days.. blah.. i just feel depressed but happy..haha im so depressed im not even writing in my fav color pink :(

what i really ment to say is that im sorry for the way i am. i never ment to be so cold. i never ment to be so cold to you im sorry about all the lies. maybe in a different light...

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whoaaa!! [13 May 2005|11:28pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

what a night! lol..ahh what a day..bad day! lol..hm..yeah movies was awsome! lol..dude i liked house of wax! lol..i dont know if i should go to chelseas tomorrw? hm..i dont know i think im goign to sdris with rose and lay out and then getting our nails done...in the moring i think im goign to ocean walk again wiht my cusions from tampa..lalaa!!! well i would like to share somehting wiht you people! lol..


They got a lot of girls
Who dance in all the videos
But I prefer the way you do,
The way you move
You're more than beautiful
And I just wanna let you know
That all I ever need
Is what I've got with you

Any girl walk by, don't matter
Every time your looking better
I think your perfect
There ain't nothing I would change
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever take my heart away


lala some guys needs to come like right away to me and sing it for me!:(! lol..blah .. oh well lol..its like sometimes theres too manyt guys..and then all of a sudden there all gone..LIEK WHOOSH! lol..whoa.lol. yeah <3 tonight it was fun lol..byee<33

But now I've found the velvet sun

sima duh!

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IMPORTANT!!<33 [10 May 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

this friday ocean walk theatre 7:45 house of wax! call me if you want to joinn the cool kids!<33sima

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ouchh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [05 May 2005|04:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

heyyyyy..................! im here at the libarary wiht courtney!! hell yes..and my arms hyurt because gay ryan G kept punching it on there track run..because me and courtney would be just walkign around and then all of a sudden ill fell a punch and im like.fasgkdfh sgfvsdgakjsgfasdfiawefklhak;sjsdhfklasdfjkg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yeah me and demyana and eliza and alaina and chris and court took some gayyyy funkyy pics!!yeah and andres awas tellign em that edwin would never like me like me hed just like me as a friend so i guess that pretrty cool..friends is betetr than ohting! lol..hes still frikin hott ..only if he wanst graduatiing! lol..oh well who cares ! lol i cant wait until sams paryy it going ot be great!! because I LOVE SAM! lol yes !! lol

im out ..im goign to try to find ryan and punch him reallllllllllllly hard!!:)! heckk yes babyyyyyy!!


ridein' it like theres nothign to it<33 sima

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bored as a mother [03 May 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

heres something becasue im just so bored..

+ Cheated on someone?
never on my life! thats just mean

+ Been Cheated on? yes.

+ Fallen off the bed? just about every night!
+ Fallen for a relative?
eeeeeeewww effing gross
+ Broke someone`s heart? yea..but on accident

+ Had your heart broken? hell yes

+ Had a dream come true? yeah..:)

+done something you regret? yeah became frineds wiht the wrong people

+ Cheated on a test? all i have to say is..im in Ib..what do you think!? lol

+ Wearing?
 pink boxers, and a tank top
+ Listening to?
my pink ipod!

+ Located? brothers room

+ Chatting with? chandni, ankil, andres, ankur, revizzle, and rinil

+ Watching? computer screen, and pimpp my riddee!
+ Should REALLY be doing?
calling adri, math hw, bio drawings, getting mrs pilsbury flowers..

+ Brush your teeth?
hell yes!
+ Like anybody?
just maybe someone special<33.. no im jk no one.. lol

+ Have any piercings? 2 in the ear, i want my bellybotton,and my cartlige

+ Drive? i try

+ Smoke? neverr!!it gives you yellow teeth and is soo nott hott!

+ Have a cellphone? sharing yeah

+ Have a pager? ..right..i htought only doctors could use those..

+ Who do you hate?
there not enough time in life to hate or discriminate<<haha it rhymes

+ Who is the shyest? hmm..probably ashley-around other people..
+ Who is the most talkative?
definetly me! haha
+ Who is the cutest? all my friends because it would be mean to pick out!

+ Who laughs the most? probably me or..maybe sara
+ Who have you known the longest? Ashley
+ Who have you known the shortest? sara I, kristen, kayla, eliza, lacey, ryan, alex,

+ Who do you miss the most? :(! aww..i miss chandni, ankil, amie(she wnast at school today and shes leavign for lopez),ashik, priya, mital, sweta, neha P, shruti, ravi, puja, ...the list so effing long im not even goign to end it!! 

+ Who do you turn to for personal problems? ashleyy, and chandni

+ Do you hang out with the opposite sex? definelty

+ Do you trust your friends? some of them!!

+ Are you a good friend? i'm pretty sure i am

+ Can you keep a secret? yes i always try!
+ Are you forgiving to your friends? omg yes yes yes! lol

+ Have you ever cussed any of them out? nope..i dont get that angry

+ Got physical with them in a fight? haha are you kidding me id get killed!

+ Hugged?

+ Kissed? kissed kissed? or like.. kiss?

+ IMed? chandni

+ Talked to on the phone? adri

+ Yelled at? my mommy

+ Beat up? brother:/!! i feel bad about it lol
+ Fell in love with? ankil....!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Went out with? ankil.........

+ What do you want to be when you grow up?
people think i should be a model-i dont know why! lol-..haha thats funny..but no! lol..i want to be an orthodontist

+ What comes first in your life? school- my family-friends-shopping and me! lol

+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? single..but crushh...maybee!!

+ What/Who are you most scared of? shots!!and the dark!ekk!

+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? god and pray

+ Did you lose someone you really loved? yea..!

+ How many times have you fallen deeply in love? 4 frikin times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe!!!
+ Do you love your family? yess becasue there the ones that love me the most no matter how LOCO i am!!lol..but we always get into fights....yeah
+ Love your friends? yesss soo muchh!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Would you ever go out with a friend? hell yess!


+ Store:
hollister vs abercrombie...hmm thats hard!! hehe

+ Relative: my little brother..hes the cutest thing everr!! he gives the best hugs.! and we sing songs ! lol..but hes anooying too!lol!

+ Sports to play: boys, hahha and track..and teh beach

+ Ice Cream Flavor: strawberry...ONLY  because its frikin pinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

+ Fruit: strawberries!!..mmm juicy!!

+ Candy: anythign sweet!..my sweet tooth!!heh

+ Holiday: chrismukahh...HELL YES

+ Day of the Week: saturday

+ Time: 2:45..schhools out*ring*!
+ Color: PINK!hahah thats funny everyone knows HOT PINK
+ Name for a Girl: jessica

+ Name for a Boy: ryan

+ Quote: ..um.."be who you are not what people want you to be.."..i think i made that up! haha
+ Flower: .red roses..there soo romantic.!!!!!!!!!

+ Like to give hugs?
defineltyy all the time
+ Like to give kisses? yyyyeah!
+ Prefer pecks or french?
guy-peck..hot guy- FRENCHING IT!! lol
+ Like to walk in the rain?  not only walk but run and dance in the rain wiht people!!!!!

+ Prefer black or blue pens? black
+ Like to travel? all the time!!
+ Sleep on your side, stomach, or back? how do i firgure that out? lol..i sleep on my bed? lol

+ Have a goldfish? probably whne i was..eh 10?
+ Ever have the falling dream?
whats that? hahaa
+ Have stuffed animals? yeahh!! i have all the ones i had when i was small!!
+ What do you usually dream about? i never remebr!
+ Get flowers from friends or boyfriends? yepp!!..wait my boyfreind neevr got me flowers BASTERD!! lol

+ Have enemies? i used to but not any more!  i <3 everyone! even people i dont know<3333

+ Cook? ahh yes burnt manyy things wiht ashley..but i bakeda cake for my mommy yesterday!




YEAH BORED! lol..im goign to go pick up adri yea later


<33 sima

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..blah [03 May 2005|05:23pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

let the rain fall i dont care

im yours and suddenly your mine..

suddelny your mine!!

got a feeling in my soul love was brighter than sunshine..

its brighter than sunshine..

ahh...l<3ve...lol! i love aqualung-brighter than sunshine!

so yeah today.. me sara I, and coutney walked to quiznos and had soo much fun!!!!!! and then yeah back to school..talked to brock H. and then we went out at like 4:30 for our paretns to pick us up..and yeah im goign to pick up adri some time soon to go get extra credit for mr. champion!!>..boringg lol..yeha so i totally miss track..i feel fat without it!!.... this weekned ashiks party in tamps..and then on the 22 sams party..yess!! lol.. i went to alainas house last night and her paretns wont be home all weekk!! ;)!! whatever... yeah proms this weekened the same day as states..yay<since im not going! lol..OH YEA and after school i saw..!!edwin!!..lol.. but yeah..deff..yeah!! lol..he looked back at me like 4 times..i dont knwo if that emanas he lieks me?knows somehting about me? thinks im some weirdo!?..:(

tell me thats so not hott!


ughh...i got to go do some great homework.!!



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[02 May 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | high ]


oh my frikin gosh! thsi wekeend was so crazy !!!..friday movies..saturday mall with courtney<33!! and then at night i went to a suprise birthday party that turned out horrible and the birthday girl crying!!sorry bina!..and then sunday..friends house..but then sunday night nehas(ex best friend)sister calls and bitches at me and stuff! whihc really made me sad..and i couldnt sleep!!and i found out that the guy USEDto like-ray- is now goign out wiht her!!..i dont care though ..because when her dad finds out shell be in bigg trouble..her fault! lol..and then monday(today) was my mommys b-day(she got a coach purse and she was on some indian channel.)so..they just left for my little brothers baseball game and i baked and made her a cake!! its soo cutee..!!its like a little kid made it..its so ccrazyyy!!

ahh i miss summer..<3


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[30 Apr 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | giggly ]

hell yes im so abercrombeing it today at the mall!!,DEFINELTY. of course spending money liek WHOA! lol..jk..well actually yes but yeah! ughh school is so ffing gau..i swear! it just needs to like end..like right now!! pronto! <i so want to beach it! blahh! and OMGah! frikin bush messed up this thursdays oc!!i was like so craving adam brody too!

haha his hair is so weird looking in that pic lol!!last night i went to watch alot like love wiht ashley and alaina!! and omg i drank like this vanilla thing at starbucks and thena whole bottle of water adn liek the last ten min of the movie i was like oh myy i have to pee reallllllllllllllllllllly badly!! lol..and i saw sara t and sara i there too!! pretty cool..and we saw nicloe , robin , cory, alexis , carty, milly, rose , and sry if i forgot anyone..yeah it was awsome!! the movie was greatt!! lol..i cant wait unti lme and chandni got crazy in paris ! its goign to be awsome.. gosh i love that girl way too m uch!!what would i do without her! i get to see her next weekend when i go to tampa for mothers day!! hell yes baby!! last day for ib seniors was yesterday!! aww it was sad! but yeah lol.. yeah today i have binas party to go to and then ill be home like at 11 just liek last night.! i had to say something..but i forgot!! haha sounds like me.. lol

well going to go shower in the shower! hehe .. byee!!




<33 so much. sima

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testingggg [29 Apr 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | creative ]





testing. =]

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